plastik injection turkiye

In Your Service Since 1999

Our company started its activities in 1999 by manufacturing injection molds and established a plastic injection production facility at the beginning of 2000 to produce plastic packaging items. In April 2012, our company started a full capacity production at its new facilities.

Our facility is located on a 36.000 square meter land where 14.700 square meter is a closed area. There is a moldshop and a plastic injection unit in our facility. Our plastic injection unit is divided into two parts as food container production (hygienic room) and industrial packaging production.


Plastic Injection Division Consists of Two Units:

>> Food Container Production (hygienic room)

>> General Purpose Pail Production



Our Mission 
We have adopted a mission which can be summarized with the phrase”Have an innovative and leading position in the sector”

Remain as an innovative company that keeps us with international standarts and appeals to the global market. 


Policy of Sustainability 

We always follow up new Technologies and product developments with an approach which both reduces costs and have a responsible attitude towards the environment and work as a company which conforms with the requirements of society and environment implementing Technologies and making R&D investments that are compatible with that approach.  

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